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Accullas Features

Accullas is your award winning financial software.

This is the better way to make, move and manage your money. We bring you closer to a complete picture of financial success.

Small businesses are more successful when their finances are managed in a single system that can move and track their money faster and more efficiently.

Accullas gives you the ability to create and manage businesses, invoices, estimates, customers, tax, even expenses. You can also create multiple businesses with different currencies so that you can easily keep track of their performance in one platform. 

Every invoice paid is positive incoming revenue for your business. We’re embedding more features including MPESA into Accullas to improve your cash flow so that you can get paid, access your money faster, pay others more efficiently etc.

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Accuracy In Your Business

We are on a mission to empower your business.

Cost should never be a barrier to properly running your business. Too many small businesses fail because of poor financial management and we want to help change this. 


Accullas Features

Free User Dashboard

Unlimited access to your businesses and records 24/7 on phone or mobile.

Create & Manage Businesses

Power to create and manage multiple businesses in one platform.

Create & Manage Customers

Create and manage customers and manage their billing information.

Create & Manage Invoices

Conveniently create, send and manage customer invoices on the go.

Manage Net Incomes

Easily manage your businesses net incomes from the dashboard.

Record Payments

Record payments already received such as cash, cheque or bank payments.

Manage Expenses

Easily add and manage your businesses expenses and expense categories.

Create & Manage Products

Create and manage your business products and services and their pricing.

Cash Flow Chart Reports

Get a quick overview of your businesses performance, payments, invoices etc.

Manage Tax

Create and manage different tax rules and add them to your products and services.

Manage Recurring Invoices

Create and manage invoices and easily turn them into auto recurring invoices.

Create & Manage Estimates

Create and send estimates to customers and even turn them into invoices.

Create & Manage Categories

Create and manage categories for your businesses incomes and expenses.

Manage Vendors

Easily create and manage your businesses vendors and their details.

Free Mobile App

Connect and run all the aspects of your businesses right from your phone.
Accullas Cloud

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